Continued dynamism and strong interest in Freestyle Skiing

12 June 2014 06:52
Great Olympic Debut of Slopestyle in Sochi
Great Olympic Debut of Slopestyle in Sochi -
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In Freestyle Skiing, discussions were positive following the strong showing at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi where the discipline celebrated new Olympic events in slopestyle and halfpipe. Based upon feedback, modifications for the next edition of the Olympics were discussed, with the Freestyle Committee’s Vision 2020 planning document serving as the base.

In total, the Committee received 71 proposals from National Ski Associations and various Advisory Groups.


The Freestyle Skiing Committee reported on the outstanding figures in terms of TV reach and social media. Compared to the past season, the TV audience grew to over 180 million viewers with an average per competition of 5 million while social media numbers have risen significantly by 222% notably through its top two accessed channels, YouTube and Facebook. These positive trends will provide many opportunities for commercial possibilities in future.


Both World Cup calendars for 2014/15 and 2015/16 were confirmed. The venue of Moscow (RUS) has returned after a two-year break with a very popular city event in aerials, while Tazawako (JPN) will host a moguls event for the first time.

World Cup Calendar 2014/2015 Longterm World Cup Calendar 2015/2016-2016/2017


A three-run final format in halfpipe and slopestyle was adopted in order to allow athletes to progress better to the finals, Previously there were two runs.


A few modifications were made to the World Cup quota system for halfpipe, moguls and slopestyle with the main goal to strive for quality in the World Cup competitions. A similar approach was developed for the FIS Freestyle Ski World Championships.

Technical Regulations

Meanwhile, technical regulations regarding course dimensions for halfpipe and slopestyle were harmonised in cooperation with the common Snowboarding events, which would allow the competitions and the Organisers to take advantage of the same course.


The President of Deer Valley Resort, Bob Wheaton (USA) received a handmade FIS trophy in the shape of a snowflake for his dedication to the development of Freestyle Skiing. The Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Committees also recognised the outstanding personal efforts and commitment to the junior development of Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding by Franco Vismara from Valmalenco (ITA).