Dala Horse becomes symbol of Falun 2015

23 October 2013 08:21
Dala Horse - Falun 2015 symbol
Dala Horse - Falun 2015 symbol -

On 21st October 2013, the Dala horse was announced as the official symbol of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2015 in Falun (SWE). In addition, the eagle-owl Bubo will become the children’s mascot.

“The Dala horse is one of Sweden’s strongest brands internationally, and certainly one of Dalarna’s. It fits perfectly into our marketing and works well with our identity”, said Sven von Holst, CEO of Falun2015.

The Nusnäs company was awarded the mandate to design and produce the unique hand-made World Championships horse of which some 1,000 pieces will be produced for the Organisers in addition to the ones for sale. From the selection of wood, to sawing and carving of the form, everything is done by one of approximately 50 individuals around Dalarna.

Next to the classic World Championships horse, Bubo the owl will become the children’s own mascot. Dalarna’s regional bird, the eagle-owl, was part of the 1993 Championships in Falun and will now get a refreshed look.

“We believe that the World Championships horse and Bubo are going to complement each other very well. The Organising Committee will help market the Championships horse and the World Championships have a huge impact. At the same time it is important for us that the children have their own mascot to welcome them in the arena and Bubo was appreciated big hit in 1993”, said Sven von Holst.