Decisions of the 49th International Ski Congress in Barcelona (SPA)

06 June 2014 14:51
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The 49th International Ski Congress in Barcelona (SPA) from 1st to 6th June 2014 was attended by 1’150 participants from the global ski family including delegates, representatives of National Ski Associations, Organising Committees and ski industry who took part in more than 100 official meetings. The Royal Spanish Winter Sports Federation took great pride in hosting the most important biannual gathering of FIS.

The General Assembly - the FIS Congress - held on Friday 6th June 2014 in Barcelona took the following important decisions:

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper unanimously elected for 6th mandate

Gian Franco Kasper (SUI) was unanimously re-elected as President. His leadership, vision and commitment to FIS were recognised by the delegates with a standing ovation.

Three new members elected to FIS Council

The following persons were elected to the FIS Council for the upcoming two-year period, 2014-2016 (in alphabetical order):

Mats Årjes (SWE) 109 votes

Andrey Bokarev (RUS) 91 votes

Dean Gosper (AUS) 94 votes

Alfons Hörmann (GER) 113 votes

Janez Kocijancic (SLO) 107 votes

Roman Kumpost (CZE) 80 votes

Sung Won Lee (KOR) 107 votes

Aki Murasato (JPN) 108 votes - new

Dexter Paine (USA) 116 votes - new

Flavio Roda (ITA) 116 votes

Eduardo Roldan (SPA) 108 votes

Peter Schröcksnadel (AUT) 114 votes

Sverre Seeberg (NOR), 119 votes

Patrick Smith (CAN) 116 votes

Martti Uusitalo (FIN) 83 votes - new

Michel Vion (FRA) 110 votes

The maximum number of votes available: 124 votes

Long-term FIS Council members Bill Marolt (USA) and Erich Demetz (ITA) were named FIS Honorary Members.

Financial and administrative decisions

The Congress affiliated Dominica, Guyana, Malaysia, Paraguay, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Timor Leste as associate members of the International Ski Federation. The total number of members in the International Ski Federation (FIS) now amounts to 122.

As part of the statutory business the Congress approved the accounts and reports of the auditors from the 2012-2013 financial period, as well as the budget for the next two year cycle 2014-2015. The delegates welcomed the proposal of the Council to distribute 70% of the 2012-2013 result to the National Ski Associations for the promotion of skiing. Together with the budgeted amount of CHF 10 million in National Ski Association support for 2014-15, a total of CHF 26.3 million will be paid out over the next two years from FIS directly to the member National Ski Associations and used for the FIS Development Programme.

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As part of the FIS “Bring Children to Snow” international campaign to engage and encourage the younger generations to winter sports, the recipients of the 3rd FIS SnowKidz Award were rewarded. The top three award winners were decided by the jury from among the eight finalists.


FIS SnowKidz Award 2014 Results

1st Netherlands - Wintersport Experience 

2nd USA - NANA Nordic

3rd Finland - Hills Tournament for Kids

4th Sweden - Everyone on Snow

5th The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FIS Development Nation) - Site na Sneg

6th Switzerland - Rivella Family Contest

7th Germany - Primary Schools Contest for Ski Jumping

8th Belarus (A&P Nation) - Kids as active WSD Organisers

8th Austria - Skifahren mit Flocke / Skiing with Flakes