Especially young Swedish moguls team

08 December 2010 16:10

The Swedish moguls team is especially young this season. Five juniors aged 16-18 years are included in the squad along with more experienced riders such as Jesper Bjorn Lund and Per-breakers.

Jean-Paul Richard, coach of the Swedish ski team reveals some of their future goals; "As part of our focus on the Olympics in 2014, we began to channel a new younger generation of skiers to the World Cup. Before the World Cup premiere, athletes are competing on making it to the team in Ruka. We have a few promising juniors who clearly has the potential to reach the Olympics. Now we want them to start getting experience in the World Cup environment and be inspired by the best skiers in the world".

In total there are 11 skiers who travel to Ruka. Among the more experienced riders are last year's 3rd in the World Cup, Jesper Bjorn Lund, who took a double victory in Finland a year ago.

"It will be fun to get started and compete, "Jesper Bjorn Lund said. The training in the summer and autumn has been very good so it looks promising. My big goal of the season is to be there fighting for top prizes at the World Championships in Deer Valley in early February.

World premiere starts on 11 December in the Battery Run in Finnish Ruka, one of the most difficult slopes in the whole World Cup tour.

Riders: Jesper Bjorn Lund, 25 years, Åre Slk

Veronica Carlqvist, 20 years, Åre Slk

Louise Mountain Power, 17 years, Åre Slk

Jens Lauritz, 17 years, Åre Slk

Frederick Sätherberg, 16 years, Åre Slk

Adam Gummesson, 21 years, Sunne Alpina

Kim Lappeenranta, 20 years, Sunne Alpina

Ricky Smith, 18 years, Sunne Alpina

Per Skewer, 25 years, Kiruna BK

Martina Schriwer, 22 years, Djurgårdens Alpina

Emil Eriksson, 17 years, Gefle Freestyle