Final Call! World Snow Day registration closes

11 December 2013 17:44
Register for World Snow Day 2014
Register for World Snow Day 2014 -

There are only a few days left until registration for the 3rd edition of World Snow Day closes on 15th December 2013! To date, 170 events in 31 countries are registered with a last minute rush expected this week.

With increasing participation every year, there is no question that the World Snow Day is making an impact worldwide as children and their families will have the chance to explore, enjoy and experience the snow!

To become a World Snow Day Organiser simply click here and complete the registration form.

Once Organisers have confirmed their registration, they will obtain access to tools to help promote their events, including the Live Profile which enables the hosts to share their event with the world and showcase their partners and sponsors.

Other features include a toolkit, which is has templates, logos, videos and other helpful material. Each of the items in the Toolkit have specific partner and sponsor sections to insert logos and promote partners.

Do not miss out on the last chance to become part of the global campaign to bring children to snow sports. Register and celebrate the 3rd edition of FIS World Snow Day on 19th January 2014!