First Reactions after the Announcement

06 June 2014 07:08
Reactions -
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Shortly after the announcement, FIS caught the first reactions of the winners in addition to FIS President Gian Franco Kasper.

Gian Franco Kasper

“I was quite surprised with the results, they were very close and this was not expected. Perhaps Alpine yes, but for the Nordic Championships, I was surprised Seefeld won as a first time Candidate. Tonight is certainly not easy for Oberstdorf and Cortina d’ Ampezzo. I am more than happy we had such excellent Candidates, two in Alpine and four in Nordics and any of them would have been able to host excellent World Championships so the results don’t make much of a difference for FIS. For the time being the newly elected hosts now have to work hard for the next several years. I recall this myself in the early 70’s with St. Moritz when we won. All are fully capable of doing that but it isn’t easy.”

Ski Flying 2018 - Oberstdorf (GER) Franz Steinle, President of the German Ski Association

“We thank the FIS Council for the trust and we are very happy to invite the world to the 2018 FIS Ski Flying World Championships in Oberstdorf. At the same time, we are also very disappointed not to have won the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships bid. We were very hopeful and from that perspective it was not the best day for us.”

Freestyle Ski and Snowboard 2019 - Park City (USA) Jenny Smith, President and General Manager at Park City Mountain Resort

“It is very important to be here, to be part of this group and receive the official recognition, formally in front of the whole Congress. We are very proud we are given the opportunity to host the 2019 FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships. It is something we have been talking about for well over a year now and this is the result of everything we have been working for. I think what is very strong about Park City is the community and how well we all work together. The whole community is going to participate, it’s going to be another celebration and it’s almost like a mini Olympics and we are excited to have everyone come, show them what we do and show off what all the athletes are capable of.”

Nordic Championships 2019 – Seefeld (AUT) Marcus Tschoner, CEO of Seefeld Tourism

“It was a great team effort for us and it was a fantastic experience. We promised hospitality from the heart and we asked the Council to give us a chance to host the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in 2019. I can promise in the name of the whole team that 2019 will be fantastic, professional and hosted from our hearts. Deep inside, we all hoped to win, we created a great base in the past 10-12 years. It was a long journey which was awarded at our first bid.

Alpine Championships 2019 - Åre (SWE) Niclas Sjögren Berg, Destination Manager Skistar AB Åre

“We are so happy and so glad, it’s a fantastic position to be in and we have done a good job. Now there is a hard job in front of us and we want to go from good to great. I think we had a fantastic concept and we showed that in 2007. We have done some improvements since then and we are going to do more in the upcoming years.  I think it was very close, but you can trust Åre as we always deliver. I believe that’s what earned us that last vote. Now we first celebrate tonight and then the work on transitioning from campaigning to hosting the World Championships starts. We are ready!”