First steps in Ladies‘ Nordic Combined

12 June 2014 06:47
There is a future for ladies' Nordic Combined ahead
There is a future for ladies' Nordic Combined ahead -

The biggest news to come out of the meetings of the Nordic Combined Committee was the announcement that the first steps will be made to develop Ladies’ Nordic Combined with the organisation of a training camp alongside two competitions in Oberstdorf (GER) from 26th to 30th August. An impressive 11 nations reported that they would take part in the training camp with athletes and coaches.


Also of high interest was the final approval of the competition calendars of the 2014 Summer Grand Prix, the 2014/15 World Cup and Continental Cup seasons. New on the calendar for the upcoming winter are stops in Sapporo (JPN) and Liberec (CZE).


Some minor rule adjustments were approved by the Committee and the Council: The starting order for the last group of jumpers in Team Sprints and Team events will no longer be in reverse start order, which was used in the past season. This is to simplify the run-down of the competitions. To help with the practicality of Nordic Combined competitions during the tight schedule of the Junior World Championships, it will now also be possible to hold a PCR (provisional competition round) to avoid weather-related cancellations.

The Committee and Council also agreed to propose higher athlete quota (from 55 to 65) to the IOC when the system is developed for PyeongChang 2018 in order for more teams to be able to participate.