FIS issues Social Media Guidelines

03 July 2014 07:30
Social Media
Social Media -

The FIS PR and Mass Media Committee has issued a Social Media Guidelines document to serve as a do’s and don’ts guide for athletes, coaches and officials to use as they participate in the realm of Social Media.

Social Media has become a key tool of communicating the goals and aims of those involved in professional sports. The personal element of social media is both its attraction and its principal danger. Providing details of activities and expressing opinions face-to-face to close friends restricts the size of the audience, but going through social media makes ideas and opinions available to the entire world. Furthermore, once information or an opinion is published, it is there forever.

FIS and many National Ski Associations have prepared guidelines regarding the use of Social Media to try to assist using the available tools effectively and to avoif pitfalls. The influence of national culture and legislation will result in many differences from country-to-country but a certain number of basic do’s and don’ts are applicable for all those wishing to use Social Media.

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FIS Social Media Guidelines