Foggy PGS qualifiers at Sudelfeld bring some surprises

28 January 2012 12:05
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While several top guns struggled with the visibility on the race slope at Waldkopf, others nailed it in order to qualify for the top 16 which will start in the finals scheduled for 1:45 PM.

On the women's side, both reigning World Champions, Hilde-Katrine Engle (NOR, PSL) and Alena Zavarzina (RUS, PGS) didn't survived the qualification runs at Sudelfeld.

On the men's side, Simon Schoch (SUI), Andrey Sobolev (RUS) and Aaron March (ITA) were some of the big names missing the knock out duels. In addition, Andreas Prommegger (AUT), the two-time Sudelfeld winner, just sneaked through as 16th ranked qualifier.

Fastest men on track and thus Prommeggers rival in the eight final was Patrick Bussler (GER, 1:13.66), who was almost one second faster than his competition. Lukas Mathies (AUT) came in as runner-up with a time of 1:14.55 minutes.

While Bussler was dominating the men's competition, the ladies time trials were more of a closer decision.

The top three ladies, Julie Zogg (SUI, 1:22.02), Marion Kreiner (AUT, 1:22.07) and Tomoka Takeuchi (JPN, 1:22.10) ranked all within only on tenth of a second.

Check out the official qualification results and start lists for the finals: