Le Gruyère AOP - Sponsor of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup

01 September 2015 08:49

Le Gruyère AOP 

The Interprofession du Gruyère was created in 1997 as the association of the three professions making Gruyère AOP possible: the milk producers, the cheese makers and the affineurs. The Interprofession is in charge of the management of the Gruyère AOP production, the quality and quantity management, the marketing and promotion of Le Gruyère AOP.

The fruity-tangy Le Gruyère AOP is a genuine classic among Swiss hard cheeses. There is a long history of cheese-making in the Gruyère region, first mentioned in documents dating back to 1115. The subtle and characteristic taste of Gruyère AOP is attributed to high-quality raw milk, which comes from cows fed on grass in summer and hay in winter, and to the expertise of milk producers, master cheese-makers and affineurs (maturers). Maturing 5 to 24 months, 3 months in the cheese dairy and for at least 2 months in maturing cellars, turns Le Gruyère AOP into a very special cheese. This becomes evident in both its appearance and its substance: the smooth body and the lingering after-taste without bitterness will win over any cheese-lover

”Le Gruyère AOP is proud to be an official Main Sponsor of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup, reinforcing its engagement for winter sports. We are delighted to become part of the Cross-Country family, yet another sport where man’s expertise is so crucial. We will be thrilled to live the emotion of the World Cup and to let people of such a great variety of countries discover our product“, says Interprofession du Gruyère Manager Philippe Bardet.