Hikaru Ohe claims YOG Halfpipe Gold

15 January 2012 17:14
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Sixteen-year-old Hikaru OHE (JPN) produced a stunning run to win Gold in the Women's Snowboard Halfpipe on Sunday, and then set her sights on surpassing her male counterparts in the sport.

OHE proved she has the talent to become a Snowboard great in her Gold-winning run at the Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games, blowing the rest of the field away with her 96.25 point total.

Arielle GOLD (USA) claimed the Silver medal with 90.00 and Lucile LEFEVRE (FRA) took Bronze with a score of 82.25.

OHE is already a highly-experienced Snowboarder, having started in the sport at the age of six, and she hopes to go on to eclipse the achievements of her idol Kelly CLARK (USA).

"[I admire] Kelly CLARK from the US but actually I want to get above that level and get to the same level as the men," she said.

On her Gold medal run, OHE pulled a frontside air, backside 540, frontside 720, and cab 720 before stomping a frontside 540 at the finish.

That first run, which earned her 95.75, was enough to secure the Gold, but OHE dialled it up again for her second run and notched a 96.25.

"In the second round I wanted to get even more points, so I gave it my best," OHE said.

It is in OHE's nature to aim higher. Her remarkable amplitude, as much as the complexity of her manoeuvres, is what gave her the title.

Silver medallist GOLD was clearly disappointed with her run, kicking the snow in frustration despite an extremely impressive performance.

LEFEVRE also shone, landing several complicated moves on this intimidating superpipe, but none could match OHE for sheer speed and height.

OHE's long airtime gave her more space to perform her manoeuvres and provide the gathered crowd with a sample of how Snowboarding looks when executed by a calm, comfortable athlete, who is on her way to the top of the sport.

The fourth place finisher was Alexandra FITCH (AUS) with a score of 75.25 and fifth place went to Quincy KORTE-KING (CAN) with 69.75.