Ilya Burov reveals his new tricks

11 May 2011 10:54

World Cup and World Championship athlete, winner of European Cup 2011 and silver medalist in the Russian Juniors Championship 2011, Ilya Burov, talks about last season and his future plans for the coming seson. 


"Last season for me did not really end we can say. After the completion of competitions, we, along with the entire group of acrobats from Yaroslavl, almost without pause, started to prepare for the new season. To be laying the base in the off season, can be challenging, but every day can be very important. Let the body get used to it again. These days we are engaged in Yaroslavl PFD and batutnoy training - we want the first gathering of the national team to come up in full combat readiness".


"If we talk about last season, then, of course, I could have performed better at some competitions. Finishing at sixth place in Moscow was definitely my season highlight, the World Cup there was great. In March, I won the Europa Cup  in Polar Zori which was another great achievement. Standing in the finals in our National Championships, I failed to win when it counted the mosts. Not winning in my first Championships was a pity, but I do think taking the silver medal is not a bad thing either".


Preparing for the competitions next season is like double work. On the one hand, we want to learn new, more difficult jumps. In particular, in the plans - a triple somersault with four screws. On the other hand, we can not forget "naprygannye" jumps - they also come in handy. In the coming season, standing steadily will be one of our main goals. Well, in addition to making it to the finals - and win prizes. I think if we can have stable performance and new, complex jumps, everything is possible.


Source: Russian Freestyle Association