Interview with Anna Holmlund - the overall World Cup winner in skicross

08 April 2011 12:59

Anna Holmlund - best girl in the World Cup

The World Cup in skicross is completed and for the first time ever, a Swedish girl won the overall victory. Anna Holmlund, representing Branäs Skicross Club, was the name!
"I've never been happier than when I crossed the finish line"Anna said after she won the season's final race and thus the overall World Cup.

Already at the first World Cup race in December Anna showed that she was super strong. After winning all the heats in Innichen she could climb on top of the podium. To win the overall World Cup, however, was nothing like Anna had set a goal for the season this year, although she was third overall last year.
"Sure, I wanted to be in the top and I always want to win, but I never felt any pressure. For a while I was sixth in the count and then I didn't focus on the overall tournament, but when it went well at the end again, I realized that I had the chance, "says Anna, who is in
Åre this week where she teaches children to ride skicross.

After the strong start of the season became, thinge went slightly worse after the Christmas break. First, it was time for the Austrian St. Johann, a place where Anna didn't even make it to the finals the year before. Now she had the chance to take revenge. The qualifier was happening, however, it should not happen, she ran out and failed to qualify. Misery continued a week later in French Alpe d 'Huez, Anna certainly qualified, but then went out in the quarterfinals and finished in 12th place.
"The fact that things don't happen the way you want them to happens sometimes. It is important to be able to handle it and I learned a lot even from those times. I like it when things goes a little like roller-coaster, even though it is much more fun when things goes well of course"says Anna.
A week later it was time for Les Contamines and now, Anna Holmlund was back in shape. In a fierce final, Anna ended at a fine third place. The success even continued in the German Grasgehren where Anna was standing at the top of the podium again.

After Grasgehren, the World Cup made a break to make way for the World Championships in Blue Mountain, where Anna took a bronze medal.
In the first World Cup race after the break, Anna had bad luck when her bond was broken during qualifying in Grindelwald, with the result that she took down the goal and then missed the Finals. Anna came back strongly however and outclassed all opposition when she on the next race in Meringen won all finals heats and took home her third World Cup victory of the season.

Victories then continued at home when she won in Branäs, a victory which brought Anna leading the overall World Cup when only one race remained.
"It was a tight situation going into the final race in Voss, it was hard, but a fun position where we were three riders that could win total. I had to beat the other two to have a chance to win, "a reflecting Anna reveals.

It was exciting until the very end. Both Anna and Kelsey Serwa from Canada went through to the finals, while German Heidi Zacher went out in the semifinals. In the finals, it was Anna who was the strongest and she also won the last race. Thus, she could also take home the overall World Cup victory.
Two weeks after it all happened, it is almost a holiday for Anna.
"I take it a bit easier now, but keep going. I take the opportunity to ski a bit freeride and just enjoy my time. In May we start with more hard training again, "says Anna.


We wish Anna and all our other Freestyle Skiers out there good luck with the World Cup preparations for the 2011/2012 season!