Interview with World Snow Day participants

12 March 2014 14:25
The Bring Children to the Snow events are seeing many kids smile
The Bring Children to the Snow events are seeing many kids smile -

World Snow Day involves many Organisers around the globe who do an outstanding job and use their creativity to generate brilliant events. But what about the participants? World Snow Day took a moment to speak with teachers Michael Moser and Monika Stifel who took children from their school to the World Snow Day action at the Wengen World Cup in Switzerland.

Tell us about your group?

We are a primary and middle school in Grosshöchstetten, Switzerland. We cater for classes from 5th to 9th grade.

Which event did you attend for World Snow Day and why did you attend this event?

We took advantage of the special World Snow Day action and joined the Lauberhorn race in Wengen. We chose this event as the young Swiss athlete Luca Aerni is from our town Grosshöchstetten. This had large emotional value for all the children as they could support him.

What did the children most like about the event?

Everything. They enjoyed the whole trip, it was a unique experience!

What does it mean to you to have children participate in snow sports?

It was certainly an opportunity for the children who do not often to experience snow sports to feel the ambiance it generates. It was a chance for them to also see the superstars at close range.

Will we see you on the next edition of World Snow Day?

The expense to bring 120 students to Wengen was a little large but very worthwhile in every respect. It is very possible that we will organise a snow sports event for next year.