Introducing FIS World Championship Candidates – Oberstdorf, Germany

30 April 2014 13:59
Large support for the candidature of Oberstdorf
Large support for the candidature of Oberstdorf -

The German town of Oberstdorf is one of four applicants bidding to host the 2019 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and the sole candidate applying for the 2018 FIS Ski Flying World Championships. Its profile is presented below:

The success of a large sports event depends on many factors. Along with the best conditions for sports and an excellent infrastructure, people always play a decisive role. They are not only helping hands for the perfect organisation of the World Championships but also passionate supporters.

Sport thrives from the support of enthusiastic people who like to visit attractive venues, and who like to care for their guests. This is why so many inhabitants of Oberstdorf have already supported the candidature campaign “Enjoy Oberstdorf Ski Flying and Nordic Ski World Championships 2018 and 2019 with a photograph showing them cheering.

From an organisational perspective, the venues are ready and are offering best conditions for exciting competitions. One of the world’s most beautiful Ski Jumping stadiums is situated directly at the outskirts of Oberstdorf. Located within short distance from the hill, the modern Cross-Country stadium also offers all features for fascinating competitions.

Meanwhile, located in the middle of the Stillach valley, the Heini Klopfer Ski Flying Hill provides athletes with best opportunities to fly.

During the World Championship events in 1987 and 2005, more than 750’000 spectators from all over the world joined the celebrations in Oberstdorf. This is where Oberstdorf would like to continue with the goal to organise unforgettable festivals of ski sport for athletes, teams, officials, the media and spectators alike.

We would like to do it again – all our ski enthusiasts are waiting for a return of the ski festivals to Oberstdorf, bringing people and nations together in friendship. Enjoy Oberstdorf!


Cheering crowds at the recent FIS Nordic Combined World Cup in Oberstdorf