IOC President Thomas Bach a regular at FIS Events

26 February 2014 20:51
IOC President Thomas Bach
IOC President Thomas Bach -

At every Olympic Winter Games, the stadiums are packed with Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Royalty and other government leaders. But there is perhaps no higher honour for an event than when the President of the International Olympic Committee pays a visit to a venue.

In Sochi, newly-elected IOC President Thomas Bach showed that he was a big fan of the FIS skiing and snowboarding competitions. In total, Bach was in attendance at 15 FIS medal events. He was a part of two historic competitions as FIS introduced slopestyle skiing and ladies’ Ski Jumping to the Games. He also attended classic high-profile events such as the men’s Alpine downhill and the sprint events in Cross-Country.

Bach was joined in his enthusiasm by countless IOC members who made their way up to the mountains from their city headquarters in Sochi to witness the buzz around FIS events first-hand. All were welcome and FIS is sure that many are now fans for life of the exciting events they saw in Sochi.