Japan’s Ryo Aono and China’s Xuetong Cai are Top Qualifiers

27 August 2011 03:29

Two heats of 21 men each, representing 19 nations, competed today with the top three from each heat going straight through to finals and the next six in each heat going to a 12 man semi-final. The top six men in the semi-finals will then progress to the final.

Aono’s run included a frontside air, frontside air backside 900, frontside 720, cab 720 and frontside 1080. “Ryo is known for his high amplitude on every single trick, whenever he drops in he just flies,” said judge Iztok Sumatic. “He has really strong grabs and followed these today with good execution of his tricks.”

Also making it through to the finals were Japan’s Taku Hiraoka, Masakaze Yoshida, Kazuumi Fujita, Finland’s Janne Korpi and China’s Yiwei Zhang. 

Christian Haller (SUI), Markus Malin (FIN), Kosuke Hosokawa (JPN), Benjamin Farrow (USA), Nathan Johnstone (AUS), Manuel Pietropoli (ITA), James Hamilton (NZL), Dimi De Jong (NED), Taylor Gold (USA), Linus Birkendahl (GER), Aluan Ricciardi (FRA) and Ayumu Nedefuji (JPN) will battle it out for the six remaining spots in the men’s finals.

“Xuetong executed every single trick really well with good flow and great amplitude,” said Sumatik. Her run included a huge frontside air indy grab followed by a backside 540 mute grab, a frontside 720 indy, a cab 360 mute grab and a frontside 540.

Going straight through to finals with Cai will be Japan’s Hikaru One, Australia’s Holly Crawford and China’s Li Shuang.

Ursina Haller (SUI), Xiujuan Xu (CHN), Arielle Gold (USA), Juan Sun (CHN), Mirabelle Thovex (FRA) and Katarzyna Rusin (POL) will move through to the semifinals with the top two moving through to the six women finals.

Qualifier results: