Katarzyna Rusin and Alexey Sobolev win season’s last slopestyle

12 March 2011 16:50

Katarzyna Rusin (POL) and Alexey Sobolev (RUS) have won the second and thus last slopestyle event of the 2011 LG Snowboard FIS World Cup tour. In the women’s final at Bardonecchia, Italy, the 17-years-old Polish rider came out on top with 22.6 points thus paper-thinly edging off Croatian Anja Stefan (22.0) and French Lou Chabelard (19.6) to second and third. On the men’s side, Sobolev clinched his first ever World Cup win, the first ever to be won by a male Russian snowboarder in history, with 25.0 points. New Zealand’s Milu Multhaup-Appleton (24.3) and Austria’s shooting star of the season, Clemens Schattschneider (23.4), who crowned himself first ever Big Air-Slopestyle World Cup title winner, rounded out the podium as second and third respectively.

The Austrian rider might have had the chance to better his score in the second run but heavy snowfall prevented him and Kiwi Multhaup-Appleton, who had led the pack after the first run, from doing so. “On the one hand, my board was pretty broken already and on the other hand I couldn’t get the right speed. So I decided to take it easy and don’t risk any injuries,” said Schattschneider after the finals.

With his career’s second podium result, the 19-years-old Baden resident wrapped up an outstanding season winning the first ever Crystal Globe for the combined Big Air-Slopestyle World Cup standings. “I never expected this title as this was my first ever season on the tour. I was happy to make it to the finals almost every time. According to this, I’m very happy with how my season went.”

Historic triumph for Russian team

Alexey Sobolev was also all smiles in the finish area after it became clear that no one would be able to attack his high score anymore, a high score which was equal to his first ever win and the first victory by a male Russian on the world wide contest series. In 2002, Dmitri Fessenko had posted the so far only podium result for a Russian male snowboarder finishing second in the Berlin Big Air.

“Although I didn’t expect to win I was hoping for it. The course was super good, well, the weather wasn’t. I can’t describe how I feel, I’m just stoked,” said the 19-years-old, who had secured the historic triumph with 270 on to frontside boardslide on the first down rail, backside 720 melon and frontside 720 tail at the first two kickers, backside boardslide to fakie over the canon pole, a switch backside 900 at the last kicker and a cab 180 on to 50/50 to 180 out at the final rail.

Before, Katarzyna Rusin, who had celebrated her World Cup debut just yesterday in the Bardonecchia halfpipe event, had clinched her career’s first win by stomping 50/50 at the first rail, backside 360 to frontside 360 at the first two kickers, 50/50 over the pole, a backside 180 at the last kicker and a 50/50 to 180 out at the last rail to finish things off.

“I’m super happy as I didn’t think of this at all,” said the 17-years-old, who also added that she “tried to calm down before the second run by listing to some music and tried to concentrate to give my best.”


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