Kingsbury and Kearney won the World Cup Opening at Ruka

10 December 2011 18:51

FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup opening at Ruka, Finland saw an exciting start for the new season.

Last’s years second Mikael Kingsbury from Canada improved his ranking this year by taking the first place in the moguls competition and at the same time conquering the leading place in the World Cup.

– I’m really happy with my skiing because I was able to keep the leading spot troughout the competition. I’m also excited to have the world cup leader-bib on me for the first time, Kingsbury commented after the finals.
In addition to Kingsbury’s success with all his runs the men’s super finals saw a lot of failures, when all the other men had difficulties in their last run.

– In the finals the level of skiing was high, but in the super finals all three skiers before me had somehow messed up their runs, so I had no pressure. I just focused on doing a solid run, Kingsbury said.

– I don’t really know what happened in the last run, I was going for it the same way I did in the previous runs, but something just went wrong. That left a weird note on the competition for me, but however I am happy with all the other runs and the final result, said second placed US skier Sho Kashima.

Anthony Benna from France took the third podium place in the men’s competition.

Kearney dominated the women’s competition

In the women’s competition US skier Hannah Kearney took the first place being in the lead troughout the competition.

– Finland is treating me very well, Kearney commented on her second win in a row in Ruka’s World Cup competition.

– I´m really pleased that I was the fastest one in every run, because I’ve been working on my speed and strength in the summer. Three runs in a competition is more than we normally do. It is hard to be that consistant and get so many good runs in a row, so I’m happy with my performance, Kearney added.

Second placed Eliza Outtrim, also from the Unites States, complimented the moguls course.

– I was happy with all my runs today, and the conditions in the finals were great because it had snowed the whole day making the moguls course nice and soft. And the snowfall stopped just in time for the finals.

Third place in the women’s competition went to 29- years old Nikola Sudova from the Czech Rebublic.

– This competition was a really good season start for me because I’ve been off the game for a while because of a knee surgery. And being the oldest one in the competition it was nice see that I am still able to beat the younger girls.


Text: Veera Vihervaara