Kummer and Kosir top qualifier

03 March 2012 09:20
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It was obvious beforehand that today's race might bring some surprises as it was the first time for many years, that the Parallel World Cup circuit had to deal with a brand new feature – a so-called pro jump which actually turned out to be a step down.

Nevertheless, Isabella Laboeck (GER) had outlined just a few days before the event in the Russian capital took place, that “everything will depend on how the course is set.”

In the end and although some of the riders might have had concerns, Denis Tikhomirov, head coach of the Russian team, had done a great job putting together a smooth run consisting of 14 gates on the 175 meters long, 56 meters high and 22 meters wide steel monster constructed right next to the Luzhniki stadium.

After two runs, Patrizia Kummer (SUI) and Zan Kosir (SLO) turned out to be the best qualifiers.

Kummer, who had won three parallel slaloms this season already, brought down two runs in a cumulative time of 36.15 seconds thus relegating Julia Dujmovits (AUT, 36.32) and Selina Joerg (GER, 36.47) to the second and third rank of the time trials.

On the men's side, Kosir successfully underlined in incredible 31.76 seconds, that he is willing to keep up to his expectations outlined yesterday of “going for the podium”.

The 27-years-old was more than half a second faster than runner-up Anton Unterkofler (AUT, 32.27) and almost a second ahead of Swiss veteran Simon Schoch (32.66).

While Kummer and Kosir impressed their rivals, some didn't achieve their own goals of making it to the finals.

Claudia Riegler (AUT), Fraenzi Maegert-Kohli (SUI) and Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED) failed to qualify for the women's finals.

Benjmain Karl (AUT), Rok Flander (SLO) and Sigi Grabner (AUT) were the biggest names missing the final heats of the top 16 on the men's side.


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