Kushnir and Li win the aerial World Cup globes

01 February 2010 12:52

Anton Kushnir of Belarus and Nina Li of China won the men's and ladies' aerials events on Saturday at the FIS World Cup Aerials finals in Mont-Gabriel (CAN).

Kushnir and Li are also the world's best aerialists for 2010 seen over the entire season. They convincingly took away the crystal globes for the World Cup aerials rankings.

In Mont Gabriel, in the ladies competition, Li led China to a 1-2 finish with her second victory this season. Shuang Cheng was second and Assoli Slivets of Belarus third. In the men's event, Kushnir continued his impressive winning streak with his third consecutive World Cup win. Guangpu Qi of China took 2nd and Renato Ulrich of Switzerland was third.

In the men's aerial season rankings, Kushnir took a clear victory with 540 points, ahead of Guangpu Qi (CHN) who had 265 points for 2nd rank and Zongyang Jia also of China with 246 points. Renato Ulrich of Switzerland took 4th.

On the ladies side, the Chinese took a triple victory led by Nina Li with 436 points. 2nd place went to Xinxin Guo and 3rd place to Mengtao Xu. Lydia Lassila of Australia finished 4th.