Laboeck and Bergmann new German PGS Champions

03 February 2012 16:56
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Facing freezing cold temperatures at the Goetschen resort next to Bischofswiesen, the two World Cup racer won the finals of the International German Championships.

While Laboeck beat her team mate Amelie Kober in the women's final thus claiming her career's third national title since 2002 (PGS and PSL), Bergmann won the men's finals against Yuki Nofuji (JPN) earning his career's second national championship (SBX 2006).

“I'm very happy. Today, it worked out just fine,” stated Bergmann, a 24-years-old racer from Berchtesgaden, although he had some problems in the qualifiers.

“The timing had some issues. I had to do a re-run, but it was OK.”

While Bergmann had to handle some technical problems on his road to victory, Laboeck was surprised how well things went after experiencing something which can be called the worst preparation scenario an athlete can have.

“I didn't feel good over the past days. I also had a temperature, so I didn't do any training runs. But somehow, I did get into a good flow,” the carving specialist stated.

In the end, Laboeck stood on top of the podium thus ending a ten year lasting waiting period of several disappointments in the race for the national title.

In the last five years, the Bavarian rider finished in the runner-up spot three-times and also third last year.

“It has been a long time since my last title. I'm very stoked,” explained Laboeck, who also admitted that temperatures had been an issue today.

“We all wore three layers of jackets. And I still had the impression that the hairs in my lung did freeze.”