Lucile Lefevre and Markus Malin claim career's first World Cup win at Halfpipe World Cup in Ruka

17 December 2011 16:04
MensPodium-HP-Ruka-JDP-0322 -

Lucile Lefevre (FRA) and Markus Malin (FIN) have celebrated their career's first World Cup win in Ruka. At the season's third halfpipe competition of the 2012 LG Snowboard FIS World Cup, Lefevre, the French best ladies' qualifier, not only secured the top spot with a score of 81.3 points but also took over the Halfpipe World Cup lead with 1,290 points. Facing temperatures around zero degrees, her team mate Emma Bernard (FRA, 80) finished as second while Ella Suitiala (FIN) rounded out the podium with 67.3 points as third.

On the men's side, Markus Malin secured his first ever World Cup win with 94 points and thus also made his fellow country men proud as his top score of the day way also equivalent with the first ever Finnish home turf win in the World Cup history. Steve Krijbolder (NED, 88) came in second in Ruka, which had hosted two World Cup stops in 2001 and 2002 before. Aleksi Kumpulainen (FIN) earned the last spot on the podium bringing home a total score of 83.3.

It was the first ever win for both, Lucile Lefevre and Markus Malin. But while the French young gun had only competed in one World Cup comp before (Saas-Fee, 2011), Malin has been on tour for quite a while.

"I've been riding in the World Cup a long time and am really happy to have won, especially here in Finland," said Malin after the finals which took place under heavy weather conditions. Due to the fog, judges had to move up to the middle of the pipe in order to do their job.

What they witnessed was a more than deserved winner as Malin was the only one to try a double cork. After he had been sitting in front due to a fs air to bs 900, fs 720, cab 720 and alley-oop bs rodeo, he tried a double cork in his second run but bailed.

"My first run was kind of a safety run, so I held back my double cork, since nobody else was throwing them. I asked my coach about the second run and he said 'go for it' so I threw a double cork."

On the women's side, the Lucile Lefevre earned her career's first with a fs lien air to bs air, fs 540, mute to japan air and a fs 720.

No wonder, she was all smiles: "This is only my second World Cup event. I'm super happy to have this result!"

However, she was not the only one pleased with the results as beside of her, it was the first podium result for Emma Bernard, Ella Suitiala, Steve Krijbolder and Aleksi Kumpulainen.