Markku Haapasalmi new President of Finnish Ski Association

01 November 2017 14:25
Markku Haapasalmi following the election
Markku Haapasalmi following the election -

On Saturday, 28th October 2017 in Helsinki (FIN), Markku Haapasalmi was unanimously elected as the new President of the Finnish Ski Association by the Association’s Council. Haapasalmi follows in the footsteps of Jukka-Pekka Vuori who held the position for the past four years.

The 66-year-old, who served as Vice President of the Association since 2013, is former Executive Vice President of Nordea, the Nordic banking company, and brings with him a wealth of experience in economy and leadership.

“I am grateful for the unanimous election, which was made by the Council. It gives me the good base to start my work as the President. As a leader in sport I want to build up the confidence, listen, meet people in our disciplines and go forward with our main strategic issues”, Haapasalmi said after the election.