Meet Olympic Champion Mikaela Shiffrin

06 August 2014 15:17
Mikaela Shiffrin at the Flower Ceremony in Sochi
Mikaela Shiffrin at the Flower Ceremony in Sochi -
GEPA Pictures

World Championship gold and an Olympic gold medal, two FIS World Cup slalom season titles and nine World Cup victories in three seasons are impressive achievements on their own. Knowing that most of these celebrations occurred before Mikaela Shiffrin’s 19th birthday, one can talk about an athlete in a league of her own.

In an interview with FIS, Shiffrin provided a glimpse into her life.

How has your life changed since your victory at the Olympic Games?

Mostly, I just have a bigger fan base now. More people care what I say or do, but there hasn't been too much yet. I've had a bit of a break from the hype of the Olympics.

With your successes, your obligations grew as well, how do you juggle your busy schedule? 

I have a lot on my plate these days. I have my routine of skiing and/or dry-land, as well as meeting my obligations to sponsors, media, USSA and USOC.It's fun to be busy, but in order to juggle all of this, I have to manage my time wisely. In general I tend to stay very active- I mix things up a lot so I don't get overuse injuries but my activities include some sort of daily (usually twice a day) workouts— tennis, lifting at the Riverfront Athletic Club where they have built a special “Mikaela corner” for me, mountain biking, hiking a bit if I have time to squeeze it in, running, roller blading in my neighbourhood, soccer drills for agility, and a little bit of swimming in the summer. I also took the SATs (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) in June and I may start taking some summer college courses. many hours a day do you spend training?

Normally I spend up to five hours on the ski hill training or between 5 and 6 hours working out in the off-season.

Do you ever give yourself a break from all these activities?

It is really important to take a little down time everyday for a midday rest. It's one of my "big" secrets that isn't really a secret since I'm always telling everyone how important it is for me to take naps after my morning workouts/training sessions so I have the energy to have a quality afternoon workout.  I also try to eat really well all the time, especially while I’m home and my meals are in my control.

You are seen as a great inspiration for other athletes, kids and adults. What do you think inspires them the most?

The best way to pinpoint whatever effect I have on other people is by highlighting my youth, because I think that has given me a better connection with young athletes. They see me more as a companion than anything else. I never want people to feel like I am unreachable, because then the inspiration dies. 

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