Meet Olympic medalist David Morris

23 July 2014 16:56
David Morris
David Morris -
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David Morris secured Australia’s first ever Olympic Winter Games medal in men’s aerials by claiming silver in Sochi (RUS). While Australia has a rich history in ladies‘ aerials, no male aerialist had taken home a medal from the Olympics before.

Morris finished the 2012/13 season ranked number two in the world. It was a fantastic result after taking a break from the sport and not competing in a single World Cup event in the 2011/12 season. Finally, 12 years of hard and dedicated training led to his silver-medal performance in Sochi.

FIS took the opportunity to interview the 29-year-old about his off-season and life with the post-Olympic glow.

There is no doubt that silver in Sochi has been your best career result.

For sure. I imagined this for such a long time. I landed the last jump in the finals of four competitors and it played out how I imagined it. I had won an Olympic silver medal, the first in men’s aerials for Australia, the third medal of the Olympics and the 12th Winter Games medal ever for my country. To top it off, I was honoured with carrying the Aussie flag in the closing ceremony, another part of the epic adventure which was the Sochi 2014 campaign.

What has been your personal highlight since the Olympics?

One of my highlights was definitely meeting the royals Prince William and Kate during their visit in Australia. I am also very honoured to have been announced as the joint Winner of the Ski & Snowboard Australia Athlete of the Year 2014 together with Torah Bright.

Where and how are you spending most of your time during the off-season?

I have been spending most of my time in Australia. Besides training, I do motivational speaking at schools, and also teach and coach the next generation of athletes. In addition, there have been many unique opportunities such as attending awards nights and meeting important people. In order to stay in shape during the off-season, I keep bouncing on the trampoline, go for runs and go to the gym.

Which person has inspired you the most in your life and why?

I have had many inspiring people to learn from and watch, some gave me advice and I trained with others. I don't believe I have one in particular because I don't think anyone is perfect enough to be a sole focus. The most recent and close to home is Lydia Lassila my teammate, we train together and I have watched her work so hard over the years to win  two Olympics medals, (gold and bronze) and compete a skill no woman has ever attempted before on snow, not only that she competed it in Sochi. She has taught me not to just accept being an Olympian as my top achievement but to earn it with an outstanding effort.

What are your goals for the future?

The future as always holds changing possibilities. When I have found a new fire within myself I will return to the slopes ready to go another round. I hope to continue to inspire and help others in all sports. I have made my mark in Australia's sporting history books and made sure the World has noticed as well. I would like to show them once again that it was no accident that I was at the Games, in the finals, into the top four and landed all of my jumps to secure a podium on the day it counted.

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