Meet the FIS SnowKidz Judges - Riet R. Campell

23 October 2013 08:34
Riet R. Campell
Riet R. Campell -

In the second “Meet the FIS SnowKidz Judges” interview, FIS introduces Riet R. Campell, President of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). Ski instructors are one of the first points of contact for newcomers to snow sports. Their dedication, fun attitude and expertise can help define a children’s future in snow sports.

Riet’s passion for snow sports extends beyond a hobby and has become a an enjoyable career. Born and raised in Switzerland, Riet grew up around snow sports. After finishing business school, Riet became headmaster of the Celerina Ski School. From there, he quickly became a big name in Swiss Snow sports and the international snow sports industry.

His achievements include serving as Chair of the FIS Committee for Training and Teaching for five years and being a member of the Presidential Conference of Swiss Ski. In addition, he is the co-founder of Destination Plav (a precursor to the Engadin St. Mortiz Tourism Board), the co-founder of E + G Hotels and founding member of the IG Schnee which is the conglomeration of the key stakeholders in the snow sports industry, including the Swiss Cableways Association, Swiss Ski, and Swiss Ski Instructors Association. Whilst founding, coordinating and conducting all these activities Riet became President of ISIA in 1999 and then soon a Board Member of Interski International.

When asked what the FIS SnowKidz Award means to him he answered “The FIS Snow Kids Award is a thank you for all those who work with innovative events for the future of youth in snow sports. We hope this form of appreciation inspires more Organisers to give children around the world a chance to experience snow sports. We thank all of you who contribute to the promotion of young talent in snow sports!”

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