Meet the FIS SnowKidz Judges - Satu Kalajainen

30 October 2013 14:54
Satu Kalajainen
Satu Kalajainen -

Satu Kalajainen has been named a FIS SnowKidz judge for the upcoming 2013/14 season. The prominent Finnish snow sports personality is the Key Account Manager for British Airways in the Baltic and Nordic Regions.

As a sports enthusiast, Satu got involved in sports, both summer and winter, at a very young age. As a junior she competed in track and field and was ranked 6th in Finland in Javelin.

Her connection with snow sports started at the tender age of three, when she started Cross-Country Skiing. She participated in her first competition at the age of four and enjoyed a successful competitive career. Following her racing years, she transitioned into management and was President of her local ski club from 1995-2000 after which, she became a Board Member of the Finnish Ski Association in 2001. In 2007, Satu was elected Chairman of the FIS Sub-Committee for Cross-Country Youth and Children’s Questions and still holds this position today.

When asked about what the FIS SnowKidz Award means to her, she answered, “I am truly impressed by how far the FIS SnowKidz Award and overall the FIS SnowKidz programme has come. Not only are Organisers creating events but the platform has enabled the best practices of bringing children to the snow to be shared in a fun and constructive manner. The FIS SnowKidz Award is really an award that recognises the efforts of Organisers bringing children to the snow at a grassroots level. It is an absolute pleasure to be a Judge for the 2014 Award'.

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