Meet the Partners – European Broadcasting Union

05 February 2014 14:29
Ingolfur Hanesson
Ingolfur Hanesson -

In the third installment of ‘Meet the Partners’, World Snow Day took a moment to speak with Ingolfur Hannesson Head of Sports Rights for the European Broadcasting Union.

In your opinion why is it important to introduce children to snow sports?

For many of us who grew up in colder climates and had snow as a part of everyday winter life, it is sometimes strange to be reminded that millions of children do not have snow sports in their lives.. I do believe it adds a certain perspective for each child to experience the pleasure of such sports, which are in many ways unique amongst the sports of this world.  And if you go once, you go again, and again into adult life, then bringing your own children to the snow.

How have you seen World Snow Day grow?

The popularity of this positive FIS initiative can be measured by the number of participants and events, which are growing from year to year

Where do you see the future of snow sports?

The future of snow sports is bright! The traditional snow sports will surely continue to grow on all levels, but even more importantly new snow sports and disciplines are being created, in particular on a recreational level, and this variety can only be seen as positive and hugely inspirational.