Meet the World Snow Day Partners: Infront

24 December 2013 08:03
Roberto Nosotti
Roberto Nosotti -

Since the 1st edition of the World Snow Day, Infront Sports and Media have been a media partner. Utilising their extensive global network, Infront has assisted by incorporating the World Snow Day promotional trailer into their World Cup broadcasts. In this edition of Meet the Partners, World Snow Day talks with Infront's Director of Winter Sports Roberto Nosotti

In your opinion why is it important to introduce children to snow sports?

Every child should have the chance to spend time out in the open, enjoying the pleasure of snow, the fresh air and the beautiful landscapes. The World Snow Day allows them to be active, learn, but – not least – also have fun.

And on top – it is important for every sport to engage young people very early, building up the future generation of sports fans and athletes.

How have you seen World Snow Day grow?

Thanks to the great job done by the FIS team, it has been growing very fast and we are proud to support such an important project. It is exciting and inspiring to see so many children take part in this event and get involved with snow sports. I am convinced that – among these children – there are even some future stars that will themselves inspire future generations for snow sports.

Where do you see the future of snow sports? 

With their variety of disciplines, snow sports are activating people of all ages and engage millions of fans around the world. I am sure that skiing and the like will also expand beyond traditional winter sport’s countries, as the flagship events and series have already started to fascinate more and more people in emerging markets like China or India.