Optimistic Norwegian team ready for the Championships

02 February 2011 10:40

For the first time in history, slopestyle is part of the World Championships program. Seven Norwegian athletes will compete in slopestyle, five of them will compete in halfpipe as well. In moguls skiing, two athletes participate and seven athletes are ready to compete in skicross.  

"We're very excited and ready. There are excellent conditions here, many of the young athletes have performed well during training, and we now need to get it out in competitions. Generally we have young athletes here, but Hedda Berntsen in ski cross has a lot of experience and routine that is useful to have in a Championship. We want to build an effective team especially for our Freestyle Championship in Voss in 2013 and for the Olympics in Sochi 2014", Morten Skarpås, chief of sports says.

The opening ceremony takes place in the main street in Park City tonight, where Hedda Berntsen is going to be the Norwegian flag bearer.

"Hedda is a wonderful representative for the Norwegian ski team with top international performances in both alpine, telemark and freestyle skiing" Skarpàs replies.

The Norwegian athletes in slopestyle and halfpipe fills up a full quota. Elvis Eidsvold Harsheim have come in as a replacement for PK Hunder who is out with injury.

"The slopestyle course looks very good, with a playful rail and jib-setup in the first part, before it goes in line with a triple jump. The jumps have relatively good sizes, but a little flat takeoffs and riders got little help on the edge. This will improve for tomorrow's training. Otherwise there was little wind gradually so that perhaps it was mostly focused on the upper part of rails and jibs today, "national coach in twintip, Christopher Frankum said.

Moguls skiers are in great shape

Coach David Kantermo have conducted training for Vinjar Slàtten and Tevje-Lie Andersson in the Championship hill. Last weekend, both of them did great performances in the World Cup. 
"Both have skied very well over here. Tevje has not been able to set his most difficult tricks for a while, but we started to run a 1080 already in the fourth round yesterday. There are relatively large jumps, but this fits both Vinjar and Tevje well. Vinjar is back in full battle, and drove technically good. He has had problems in the flatter slopes, but in steeper terrain, he shows what he's trained in pre-season, "an excited Kantermo revealed.

Audun Grønvold, head coach of the ski cross team have used X-Games to prepare for the Championships. 

"In X-Games Hedda Berntsen and Julie Brendengen Jensen showed great performances and both ended up with good results. Thomas Borge Lie and Bastian Juell have more to give, and we will do our best to change this soon. We have grown on these results and achievements, and will bring the learning experiences with us to the Championships" Grønvold says.