27 June 2013 15:55
FIS SnowKidz Kussamo (FIN)

What is FIS SnowKidz?

FIS SnowKidz is the first phase of the Bring Children to the Snow campaign. It is a unique program and communications platform that enables organisers around the world to share and showcase their events to bring children to the snow. Events can occur at anytime and in any place around the world. For further information and to register for FIS Snowkidz visit the website by clicking the link above


Link to FIS SnowKidz website


To reverse the general decline in youth participation in snow sports
To support and encourage cooperation and unified effort to bring children to snow sports
To create a new channel to reach younger target groups
To bring newcomers to snow whilst offering extra value to those who already participate.


To give all children between the ages of 4-14 a chance to experience the fascination of snow.


Mountain in the City

Snow sports have always had a home in the mountains. As cities become the central hub for living sports are continuing are moving in the same direction. Mountain in the City is a great idea to give children and there families a chance to experience snow sports before they try the real thing in the mountains.