Queralt Castellet and Iouri Podladtchikov win last halfpipe event

26 March 2011 17:59

The 2011 LG Snowboard FIS World Cup season’s last halfpipe competition has wrapped up with a big bang today in Arosa, Switzerland. While Queralt Castellet (ESP) triumphed on the ladies’ side for the first time ever thus bringing home the first ever World Cup win for her home country with 27.0 points ahead of Holly Crawford (AUS, 25.5) and Xuetong Cai (CHN, 24.7) the Swiss male freestyle team swept the podium. Right next to shining winner Iouri Podladtchikov (27.6) Jan Scherrer (27.2) and Patrick Burgener (26.6) lined up as second and third respectively. The Halfpipe as well as Freestyle Snowboard Overall World Cup titles (BA, SBS, HP) went to Xuetong Cai (CHN) on the ladies’ and Nathan Johnstone (AUS) on the men’s side.

The Australian thus secured the second small Crystal Globe for his home country within 48 hours plus the first ever big Crystal Globe. However, today’s fifth ranked rider had already clinched the titles before today’s event after it was clear that his main rival Ryo Aono (JPN) wouldn’t enter the competition in Arosa.

“It would have been nice if Ryo (Aono) came but it was still a good competition here. Everyone rode really well. I’m super happy that I won the Globe and stoked that the season is over,” said the 21-years-old reigning World Champion, who – despite all his huge amplitude and air time – wasn’t able to break into the 1-2-3 finish of his Swiss competitors.

All three home town boys were too good. The best of them, although only a tiny mere ahead of his pursuers, was Iouri Podladtchikov, who celebrated his career’s second World Cup win today: “It was just amazing. The pipe was better than we all expected it to be. It’s incredible that three Swiss guys are in front in Arosa,” explained the 2011 World Championships runner-up, who had impressed judges and hundredths of spectators with backside 900 mute to frontside 1080 tail, cab 1080 nose and a crippler indy.

“Today’s win is something very special for me as I finished four times in a row as second over the course of the last weeks”, so the fourth of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games further on. “I had already expected him (Jan Scherrer) to take over the lead again as it took quite a while for the score to show up. He would have deserved it            . He just learned that double last week and now his just sticks it.”

After he had placed best in the first run of the finals, upcoming hopeful Jan Scherrer had dropped in as last in the second run immediately causing some loud cheering when he threw in backside 900 mute to frontside 1080 double cork indy, cab 720 melon and a frontside 900 to finish things off. However, the Swiss youngster missed the sensation by only 0.4 points.

Queralt Castellet earns first ever World Cup win for Spain

On the ladies’ side, small Spanish freestyler Queralt Castellet had let everybody know already in the qualifiers that she would be the one to beat if someone was aiming for the victory. And right away in the finals, the 21-years-old underlined her strength and will. With backside 900 to frontside 540 melon, backside 540 mute and frontside 720, Castellet not only brought home her first ever World Cup win after she had placed three times on the podium in 19 World Cup starts before but also the first ever for her home country.

“It’s amazing that I was able to do it in my season’s first World Cup appearance. I felt super good in the pipe and I’m very happy that I was able to win,” said Castellet.

While Castellet, who was the only one besides Sophie Rodriguez (FRA) to stomp a 900 in her run, gloried in her triumph, Xuetong Cai kept on with a young tradition by successfully keeping hold on her World Cup title. For the third consecutive year, a Chinese rider placed on top of the Halfpipe World Cup season’s end standings. Sparing with words like the whole season before, the 17-years-old said about her two World Cup titles: “I’m very happy and very excited.”


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