Ski Jumping Sub-Committee meetings in Zurich: New calendars and modifications

16 April 2014 18:02
Sub-Committee meetings in Zurich, Switzerland
Sub-Committee meetings in Zurich, Switzerland -

The spring meetings of the various Ski Jumping Sub-Committees were held in Zurich (SUI) on 11th and 12th April 2014.

One of the key items addressed was both the men's and ladies' Ski Jumping competition calendars for the summer 2014 and the winter season 2014/2015.

The meetings also put forward several recommendations with regard to competition formats, jumping suits and equipment control.

Regarding Ski Flying, a new competition format will be tested during the FIS Summer Grand Prix 2014. At future World Cup competitions, the starter field should be reduced to 40 (48 during test events) while all starters, including the top ten, must participate in the qualification round. For the first competition round, athletes would be seeded equally into four groups according to the reverse order of the World Cup standings (Grand Prix standings) of which the best six should advance to the finals. Unlike in the past, the total score of the final round will be decisive.

Another agreement was reached concerning the ladies’ starting field. In the future, ladies´ World Cup competitions should feature 40 athletes instead of 50. Furthermore, prize money for the ladies should be increased and be distributed among the top 20 instead of the top 15.

Furthermore, it was discussed that the thickness of jumping suits should not exceed 6mm (5mm before) and not be lower than 4mm. During equipment control, the minimum tolerance to the body should be changed to a minimum of 1 and 2cm and a maximum of 3 and 4cm for the men and ladies, respectively.

All proposals will be submitted to the National Ski Associations concerned, before the Ski Jumping Committee finalises its proposals to submit to the FIS Council at its meetings during the 49th FIS Congress in Barcelona (SPA) from 1st-6th June 2014.

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