Ski slopestyle athletes share their excitement for the Olympic inclusion

05 July 2011 14:14

 Only hours after the decision from the IOC about adding ski slopestyle to the Olympic Program, slopestyle athletes and passionate Freestyle Ski personalities around the world share their excitement. FIS Freestyle Ski has collected some of their quotes here:


Kaya Turski (CAN)

“I’m stoked to be part of a sport that represents a younger generation and that’s going to be way cool to watch during the Olympics. I think it will be an eye opener for a lot of people. I feel good about reppin’ Canada! I can’t wait,” said Turski.


X-Games medalist TJ Schiller, (CAN)

 “I think it’s very cool to see the Olympics pick up action sports. This is really the next generation of sport, and slopestyle is so young, it hasn’t even come close to hitting its peak. Every year the progression just multiplies. The Olympics are a massive opportunity to show the world what we can do on skis.”


Tom Wallisch (USA):

"I couldn't be more excited about the IOC's decision. I've always dreamt of skiing for the USA at the Olympics, and now we finally have the opportunity. This is a huge moment for our sport."


Keri Herman (USA) - 2011 X Games and European X Games Slopestyle Silver Medalist:

"I am so excited that slope is being included in the Olympics! I think it's going to be great for the recognition of our sport. I just hope that things won't get too serious and regulated."


Oscar Scherlin (SWE)   

"I think that the Olympics is great! It gives our sports a way bigger audience and more media coverage. I don't really see a bad thing about that. Of course the organization has to listen to the people that really know and are involved in our sport. So that it won't only be old people from FIS. Then it could be à real junk show. But if we work together, it will be great!"


Alex Schlopy (USA) - 2011 FIS World Slopestyle Champion

"I think it could be really good the sport, as long as we stick to our roots and don't become robots. What we do is unique and it needs to stay that way. That's what makes freeriding/freeskiing so fun!"


Sarah Burke (CAN) - 2011 X Games and European X Games Superpipe Gold medalist:

"Well it is very exciting news for all of us. I am thrilled to be able to have ALL our friends in Russia getting to experience this extremely special event. I do, however, hope that the slope riders really speak up and hold their ground for what they believe in. The last thing I want is for every slope course to turn into the exact same features for each contest. I think at this beginning stage we really need to be careful and work with the higher ups to make sure it stays true to what we have all worked so hard to build."


Mike Riddle (CAN) - 2011 FIS Superpipe Champion
"I am super pumped for all my friends who want it in and want to be in Russia to party for the Olympics and I am psyched about it myself, but I can't help but wonder why we have had to jump through hoops for years to get to the same spot with Halfpipe. At the end of the day, the more skiers at the biggest stage promoting our sport, the better. And I might want to start doing Slopestyle again." [laughs]


Byron Wells (NZE) - 3rd place, 2011 Winter Dew Tour Snowbasin Superpipe

"I think it's sick. Going from no Olympics to two disciplines in a couple of months! Epicness. Positives: I feel like it's will be really good for the sport and even greater that all the Slope guys are going to be there with us. Negative? Don't know if I can find a negative. I'm just stoked!"

Aleksander Aurdal (NOR):

"This is great news! A lot of people have been highly engaged and wanted slopestyle to be part of the Olympic programme, and I'm certainly very happy! This shows that everything we have been working for and to show where our sport is heading finally paid off. Hopefully this will improve our sport in all sections even further".


Chris Robinson, Chairman FIS Freestyle Skiing Committee:

"We are thrilled with the announcement that Slopestyle will be added to the Sochi Olympic Games. This confirms the importance of new directions withinthe FIS and the IOC to open up traditional structures and fully develop action sports while building younger audiences around the Olympic movement. For FIS Freestyle this announcement follows the confirmation of our Vision 2020 plan which emphasizes attracting youth and growing the sport worldwide. The addition of Slopestyle and Halfpipe to the Olympic programme will help to clearly focus our efforts in the years ahead. These exciting developments will expand the interest Freestyle skiing everywhere."


IOC President Jacques Rogge:

“We are very pleased with the addition of ski and snowboard slopestyle and snowboard special slalom in the Olympic Winter Games programme. Such events provide great entertainment for the spectators and add further youthful appeal to our already action-packed lineup of Olympic winter sports. We look forward to welcoming all the athletes to Sochi in 2014.”