Snowboard World Cup 2013/14 wraps ups - a season of firsts

19 March 2014 15:00
Patrizia Kummer
Patrizia Kummer -

The 2013/14 FIS Snowboard World Cup season was characterised by riders who were able to clinch their first ever World Cup career victories. In a total of 40 competitions in five different events, nearly half (18) were won by athletes who had never done so before.

It is an even more remarkable statistic as the most firsts were taken on the men's side (14 out of 20), at least one in every event. Moreover, almost all of the 14 resorts hosting a World Cup in the 2013/14 season saw a rider stepping on top of the podium for the first time. Only Montafon (AUT), and Sudelfeld, (GER) did not witness such a historic result. 

In addition, nine of 14 possible FIS World Cup crystal globes were also taken by snowboarders who had never finished the season on top of the standings before.

Sarka Pancochova (EST, SBS and Snowboard freestyle Overall), Sylvain Dufour (FRA, PSL), Lukas Mathies (PGS and parallel Overall), Scotty James (AUS, HP), Mans Hedberg (SWE, SBS and Snowboard freestyle Overall) as well as Omar Visintin (ITA, SBX) all claimed their first titles. 

Kummer and Maltais shine out

Only the two dominating female riders from last season were able to keep hold of their precious hardware. 

While Patrizia Kummer (SUI) won all three FIS World Cup crystal globes, PSL, PGS and parallel Overall, winning four of six races, Dominique Maltais (CAN) celebrated her fourth consecutive and career fifth SBX World Cup title by triumphing in three of six competitions, as well as finishing runner-up another three times.

Nations Cup

Although snowboarding is a sport for mainly individuals, national teams always have one eye on the nations’ standings.

On the ladies’ side, the Canadian team once again held onto the Nations Cup (17,562.20) thanks to an incredible performance on the SBX World Cup tour ahead of USA and Switzerland.

On the men's side, Austria won the Nations Cup with 14,752.70 thanks to strong results on the parallel World Cup ahead of last year's winner USA and Italy which had ruled the SBX season.