Snowboardcross National Championship cancelled due to bad weather

05 April 2012 07:59
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The 2012 Canadian National Snowboardcross Championships took place today at Nakiska in unpredictable weather.

Poor visibility and a mix of ice and snow forced the officials, with the support of the team captains, to cancel the event.

Challenging conditions, which made it difficult for the athletes to safely compete four at a time on course, ultimately led to the decision.

Matthew Tunnicliffe from Gananoque, BC, and Michelle Brodeur of Calgary, AB, were the fastest riders during qualification.

“Going down by yourself was safe because you were going at your own pace,” said Brodeur. “It’s still good for the younger athletes to have this kind of experience for the future of our sport. I’m happy with the result. Usually, I don’t do well in qualification, so to finish on top was good for me!”

The Junior National Snowboardcross was held yesterday in beautiful weather, making for a successful competition.

Canada~Snowboard Nationals - Junior Snowboardcross Results:

Men 14 and under:

  • 1st Will Malisch (ON)
  • 2nd Matt Gillard (ON)
  • 3rd Evan Bichon (BC)

Women 14 and under:

  • 1st Joelle Johnston (BC)
  • 2nd Kayla Shepard (BC)
  • 3rd Pala Kovacs (BC)

Men 15 to 19:

  • 1st Thomas Pitman (BC)
  • 2nd Baptiste Brochu (QC)
  • 3rd Tanner Holland (BC)

Women 15 to 19:

  • 1st Jade Critchlow (BC)
  • 2nd Taylor Wilton (ON)
  • 3rd Frederique Joncas (BC)