Sochi by the numbers

05 February 2014 14:05
Canadian athletes hanging out in the mountain cluster, some 48 km away from the coastal cluster
Canadian athletes hanging out in the mountain cluster, some 48 km away from the coastal cluster -

The Olympic Winter Games is surrounded by some very impressive numbers, from the number of athletes, events, venues and accredited media to fun facts such as how many days Sochi had to prepare to host the Games. Below is a quick look at some of the more interesting numbers associated with the 2014 Olympic Winter Games:

3 – Number of Olympic villages where athletes will be housed during the Games. The Coastal Village is located down near the city of Sochi, the Mountain Village will host the sliding, alpine, snowboarding and freestyle athletes, while the endurance village will host the biathletes and cross country athletes.

6 – grams of gold and 516 grams of silver that an Olympic gold medal is made of. In total, 1300 medals will be produced, with a combined total weight of more than 700 kg 

7 – sports over 15 disciplines in 98 events are included in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The three skating sports disciplines are figure skatingspeed skating, and short track speed skating. The six FIS[SL2]  sport disciplines are alpinecross-country skiingfreestylenordic combinedski jumping and snowboarding. The two bobsleigh sports disciplines are bobsleigh and skeleton. The other four sports are biathloncurlingice hockey, and luge

11 – Venues that are brand new and built from scratch. It was the biggest construction project in Winter Olympic history and involved more than 55,000 construction workers. The venues can hold a total of 120,000 spectators and were constructed specifically for the Olympic Games. The "Coastal Cluster," where all of the indoor sports will be played, was designed so that all of the venues would be within walking distance for athletes and visitors.

12 – Events making their debut at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Six of the events are from the FIS family including, ladies and men’s ski half pipe, ladies ski jumping, ladies and men’s ski slopestyle, ladies and men’s snowboard slopestyle and ladies and men’s snowboard slalom.

18 – Days of competition, including one day with qualification events the day before the Opening ceremony on 7th February.

48 – kilometers is the distance between the ‘coastal cluster’ and the ‘mountain cluster’.

148 – kilometers is the entire distance of Sochi end-to-end. It is said to be the longest city in Europe.