Soldier Hollow builder Howard Peterson retires

03 July 2014 07:21
The Soldier Hollow Stadium at the 2002 Olympics
The Soldier Hollow Stadium at the 2002 Olympics -
GEPA Pictures

Former Chairman and now honorary member of the FIS Advertising Committee, Howard Peterson has retired from his position at Soldier Hollow Resort, host Cross-Country resort of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the United Sates Ski and Snowboard Association announced last week.

Peterson played a pivotal role as the head of USSA in the late 1980s and promoted the idea that the Olympics should be used as a platform to engage youth participation in skiing. Thanks largely to his efforts, Soldier Hollow was created for the 2002 Winter Olympics, and during the Games, it hosted the Cross-Country Skiing and the Cross-Country Skiing portion of the Nordic Combined events.

Since hosting the Olympics, Soldier Hollow has been developed as a Cross-Country Skiing, tubing, and snowshoeing resort, while featuring mountain biking and golfing in the summer.

It was Peterson’s vision that the United States should select a bid city for the 2002 Games that would commit to building venues that would later be used by youth. Salt Lake won the bid, thanks in large part to this vision.

Since Soldier Hollow hosted the Olympics 12 years ago, it has introduced thousands of children to Cross-Country Skiing while serving as a training ground for elite athletes as well.

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