Steffen Family won the overall Coop Ski Cross Tour in Arosa

03 April 2011 15:52

Finalizing the Swiss Ski Cross Championships yesterday, Arosa was once again ready to host another event. Skiing on the course which was used for the FIS Snowboard World Cup last weekend, the finals of the Coop Ski Cross Tour had the perfect surroundings bathing in sun, and the season could be ended in the best possible way.

Coop Ski Cross Tour works pretty much the same way as the FIS World Cup Tour. You have winners per race, and an overall winner. For the men's Tour, the overall winner was already set before the last race, as Andreas Steffen has been the dominant skier this season. Despite that, the race today didn't get any less boring today with a highly tight finish. Armin Niederer won the final with his tip of his toe against Philipp Gasser, while the overall Tour winner, Andreas Steffen took the third place. Yesterday's newly crowned Swiss Champion, Conradign Netzer, couldn't keep up with the strong athletes in the men's final, and had to accept his fourth place.


Once a Swiss Champion, always a Swiss Champion? Fanny Smith, the cute and successfull Swiss Ski Crosser who won the Swiss Championship yesterday had surely not spent her night celebrating her victory, rather focusing on todays race. With a dominant lead she could easily ski to the finish line celebrating her second victory in two days. Followed by Franziska Steffen (the sister of Andreas Steffen) and Emilie Serain, Franziska Steffen took over the lead and can call herself the overall winner of Coop Ski Cross Tour.


Source: Swiss-Ski