Sub-Committee for Alpine Citizen Racers visits JOSKA

23 October 2013 08:27

In conjunction with the FIS-CIT Calendar Meeting at the Bavarian Forest in Germany, Chairman Urs P. Dietrich and the Committee members took the opportunity to visit JOSKA, FIS partner and manufacturer of FIS World Cup trophies since 1987.

During a tour, the various production steps – from blowing and cutting to engraving - could be observed and were explained by the experts. The trophy, unique in terms of the glass refining techniques used, is exclusively awarded to the FIS World Cup winners of each FIS discipline at the Season Finals.

In addition, the many other trophies and challenges concerning their design and production were demonstrated to the FIS delegation. These included the Four-Hills-Tournament trophy exclusively manufactured for the highly successful FIS Ski Jumping series.

The visitors were also delighted to learn about the many anecdotes of trophy manufacturing, last minute deliveries, and the importance of always having a spare one at hand.

FIS-CIT would like to express its thanks to JOSKA for being given the opportunity to visit and learn about the company.