Sunny Training Day at Blue Mountain

06 February 2012 21:41
IMG_1179 -

Weather couldn't have been any better for the official training day at Blue Mountain also offering some pretty nice views on the Georgian Bay nearby.

On the other hand, the warm conditions made the course pretty challenging as the sunny parts of the track provided some slushy turns and jumps whereas the shadow sections were pretty rough and icy.

A fact which commented current World Cup leader and six-time X-Games SBX Gold medalist Nate Holland (USA) with the right words: “Well, you actually had to snowboard.”

And so, most riders seemed to have fun out there and did between three to five training runs in order to get into the rhythm of the brand new World Cup course at Blue Mountain.

Have a glimpse on the course and listen to some quotes here:

It's the first time ever the biggest winter resort in Ontario is hosting a World Cup boarder cross after having been part of the ski cross calendar three-times.

Qualifiers (men, women following up) for the season's fourth SBX of the tour are scheduled for tomorrow 10:45 AM: