Swiss-Ski announce their halfpipe and slopestyle teams

07 July 2011 08:38

With the inclusion of both halfpipe and slopestyle skiing on the Olympic Programme starting with the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, Swiss-Ski is happy to announce their new team.

This will give even more attention to the discipline of freeskiing while also ensuring an increased younger audience to the Olympics. "The effect of this decision is significant. Freeski is able to develop and get more professional in a short amount of time. We are delighted with the decision of the IOC" said Christoph Perretenhead of Swiss-Ski Freestyle.

Freeski National trainer Misra Noto and Christopher  Perreten have accordingly selected the squad  for slopestyle and halfpipe based on the athletes performance. The national team consists of Elias Ambühl and Virginie Faivre. The A-Team are the four athletes Jonas Hunziker, Mirjam Jäger, Nils Lauper and Kai Mahler. There is also a Challenger team, which is selected three times annually.


Complete team:

Ambühl Elias Slopestyle
Faivre Virginie Halfpipe / Slopestyle

Hunziker Jonas Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Jäger Mirjam Halfpipe
Lauper Nils Halfpipe
Mahler Kai Halfpipe / Slopestyle

Bhend Eveline Slopestyle
Charmey Alisson Slopestyle
DeMartin Laurent Slopestyle
Gisler Joel Halfpipe
Gmür Tanja Slopestyle
Hunziker Cyrill Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Illiano Frederick Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Jossen Alessandro Slopestyle
Lerjen Yannic Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Matti Till Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Meyer Fabian Halfpipe
Ortlieb David Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Ortlieb Sämi Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Ragettli Nina Halfpipe / Slopestyle
Schuler Rico Slopestyle
Vuignier Nicolas Slopestyle


Source: Swiss-Ski