On the road to Sochi: Daniela Iraschko and Thomas Morgenstern

02 January 2014 18:34
Thomas Morgenstern
Thomas Morgenstern -

Austria’s Ski Jumping talent Daniela Iraschko has her sights set on Sochi which would be her first Olympic Winter Games when ladies’ Ski Jumping celebrates its Olympic debut. The world champion from 2011 (Oslo, NOR), is recovering well from  a knee injury suffered at the FIS World Cup in Hinterzarten (GER) in early January 2013.

Meanwhile, after his serious fall at the FIS World Cup in Titisee-Neustadt (GER), Austria’s Ski Jumping star Thomas Morgenstern is back competing in the prestigious 4-Hills-Tournament despite a broken finger and currently ranks second in the tour rankings.

In an interview with FIS, both athletes talked about their season and shared their thoughts about Sochi.

Daniela, how do you feel about ladies' Ski Jumping as a new Olympic event?

That’s the best ever. I have done a lot to get the sport so far and now I can enjoy it, it’s a dream for me to be able to participate in the first Olympic Games for ladies’ Ski Jumping.

You have both been injured. How do you feel?

Daniela: I needed to change my preparations compared to the previous season because I was injured in the 2012/13 season and needed to come back. It was really hard with many hours of weight training and physiotherapy. My biggest goal is Sochi. I am on my way to get in good shape again. I feel good now and my knee and also my physical strength are getting better and better.

Thomas: It's important that you believe in your chance to win and that you always have the necessary self-confidence. I fought hard during the past two weeks I had to spend in the hospital. Despite the splint it's going very well and that gives me confidence. Now the 4-Hills continues in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen, both very cool hills that I like a lot. Everything is still possible and I like the fact that I don't need a miracle to contend for the overall title, it's all in my hands.

How do you feel about Sochi?

Daniela: It’s important to have a good season start because you develop good self-confidence which I did. The Olympics are the Olympics. For the ladies, there is only one competition where you need luck and for me, it would be a special gift to claim a medal. For now, it’s a dream but I will give my best. 

Thomas: You just have to wait and see how the conditions will be and, of course, you also need some luck that it can all work out in the end, both for the 4-Hills and for Sochi. I hope that everyone will support me and keep their fingers crossed.