Updates from Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard

06 June 2014 09:24
Looking back at Sochi
Looking back at Sochi -
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On 4th June, both the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Committees meetings were held which looked on the past season and prepared the near and long-term future.

In Freestyle Skiing, discussions were positive thanks to reactions following a presentation of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Based upon feedback, modifications regarding the next edition of the Games were discussed, keeping in mind the Freestyle Committee’s Vision 2020 planning document.

The very positive TV trends from the previous season were reported, analysed and, backed up the upswing in the social media channels. These will provide many opportunities for commercial possibilities in future.

Attended by nearly 150 participants, the first ever common Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard meeting was organised for the presentations of Kreischberg 2015 (AUT), Sierra Nevada 2017 (SPA), PyeongChang 2018 (KOR), and Park City 2019 (USA) that created a very efficient environment for common proposals.

Additionally, the Freestyle Skiing and Snowboard Coordination Group met and discussed common issues regarding combined World Championships including programmes, officials and qualification systems.

Meanwhile, the Snowboard Committee discussed a number of proposals regarding the quota system aiming at controlling the starting fields and lifting the quality of competitions. This would also help Organisers to better execute the events both from an organisational and promotional perspective. In addition, the modifications would contribute to the organisation of combined future events.

All meetings were attended by representatives of the Athletes’ Commission who contributed to the fruitful discussions from the athletes’ point of view.