Welcome note by Sarah Lewis

09 July 2014 18:47
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis -
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When we launched the FIS Newsflash nearly 10 years ago, its’ vision was to ensure that news and developments about FIS activities and the organisation were communicated to all interested persons. 500 editions later, the weekly publication has become such a platform and developed into a communications tool that also provides information from FIS member National Ski Associations and Organising Committees, as well as news about current and former athletes and officials. Additionally information from other international organisations such as the IOC, WADA and SportAccord is featured to give a greater insight into the roles they play especially with FIS and our activities. The service role of the FIS Newsflash to announce various events or deadlines has been highly effective, judging from the number of registrations which arrive the following day.

Contributions to the Newsflash are provided by many different persons and organisations. The content for each edition is defined, compiled and edited by FIS Communications. In addition each of the discipline media coordinators contributes news and information, with other articles from other members of the FIS staff, National Ski Associations, Organising Committees, international organisations such as the IOC, WADA and SportAccord, as well as various on-line sources that feature relevant news. Feedback from readers has also been valuable in evolving the Newsflash over the years.

For each of the past 500 editions, I have reviewed the Newsflash each Wednesday before its publication. Due to the flexible timings of compiling latest news, the Newsflash is ready at a range of times and has therefore been checked on top of mountains, in gondolas, at the dinner table, in airplanes, in the car and perhaps once at half time of a football match.