What do the athletes think about the course in Grasgehren?

28 January 2011 15:04

The athletes have been training for two days on the skicross run in Grasgehren. With the length of 1200 meters, the skicross track in Grasgehren, is the longest one in the World Cup. Find out what the athletes think about it here:

Andy Matt (AUT), leading the overall World Cup: "The track is very long, very exhausting! As World Cup leader, I will surely have pressure on me for being the favorite. I am happy about this role, and I look forward to meet my thoughest competitiors here, my teammate Patrick Koller included".

Patrick Gasser (SUI), currently number seven in the World Cup, and Philip Gasser (SUI): "This is an extremely interesting course. The weather is great and we hope that it will stay that way for tomorrow. We are thrilled to race here! Although, this is already brutally stressful on this long track, with training, qualifications and races in one day. "

Jenny Owens (AUS): "I had a knee operation in March, so I could not train so much but is better from race to race. The track here in Grasgehren is of course already a big challenge conditional"

Thomas Fischer (GER), laughing, but rather out of breath at the finish: "We need an oxygen tent. The length of the route and the route profile is already quite demanding, you really need to go active and give it all from start to finish". 

Anna Wöerner (GER), finished third in St. Johan in January. Is excited about the course as well as the length. "The fact that the track is so long is simply great to me! You will really see who can push their limit the most and win tomorrow. It will be interesting to see who will have the most power after four rounds"!