World Snow Day registration off to a flying start

03 July 2014 07:32
World Snow Day is booming
World Snow Day is booming -

The World Snow Day registration opened on 1st July and within the first 24 hours, registrations came in from all around the world. This year, the honour of the first event to register went to Saas-Grund from Switzerland.

After an outstanding event in January 2014 Saas-Grund is looking to provide more children the opportunity to explore, enjoy and experience the snow. While Switzerland was the first country to register, Romania leads the charge with five events already registered.

Registration for World Snow Day will remain open until 15th December 2014. All new and existing Organisers must complete the registration. Registration is free of charge and once registered, Organisers will have access to a multitude of items to help stage events. These include the Live Profile, Digitial Tookit and Audi World Snow Day Toolkit. The Audi World Snow Day Toolkit contains materials including a cabana, gate flags, finish installation and bibs to help stage events. All items are delivered to the Organiser at no cost and become the property of the Organiser after the event.

To register for World Snow Day click here.