World Snow Day Event Planning Manual is here

23 July 2014 17:02
Children enjoying World Snow Day
Children enjoying World Snow Day -

The 4th edition of the World Snow Day Event Planning Manual has arrived. Inside the document, Organisers will find information on how to get involved, what support is provided by FIS, key dates and guidelines for staging events.

For members of the public, information on what the project is, why it was created and who can be involved can also be found. The new World Snow Day goals form part of the Manual in order that Organisers are aware that their event is part of a significant global campaign. Following the success of the first three years, the new goals look to not only provide further growth in the event but also stabilise the rate of participation. A target of 800,000 participants by 2017 has been set. The goals of health, safety and environment have also been updated.

The World Snow Day event Planning Manual can be found online by clicking the following link:

World Snow Day encourages everyone to share the document and become involved in the next years of the event.