19-year-old Wing Tai Barrymore (USA) wins mens' halfpipe final

09 December 2011 19:00

After an exciting men's qualifier on Wednesday which featured a great deal of top-notch riding—the stage was set for the afternoon's action. Under sunny skies and with a perfect 22-foot pipe groomed for destruction, 12 males took to the air.

Dan The Man Marion (USA) dropped in first and performed in classic Marion style. Lofty, smooth airs and plenty of technicality to go around—for example, a nice double flip on his first hit. His efforts earned him an even 70.0, and the bar had been set for the others to follow.

Dropping in 3rd was 19-year-old Wing Tai Barrymore (USA). He started 'er off with a massive 900 on the right wall and followed up with a double alley-oop flatspin, a 540, a rightside 900 and a 1080 to finish. His amplitude was through the roof the whole way down the pipe, and the judges screamed a collective "YES!" and awarded him a score of 87.2.

Tucker Perkins, Mike Riddle and Simon Dumont were next to drop, and each one struggled, failing to log a solid score.

Next up was Duncan Adams. Duncan laid down a rightside 7 on the left wall to start, and linked it with a switch straight air, a switch 5 tail, an alley-oop 3 tail, a switch alley-oop 5 and a switch 9. His run was ultra smooth, he nailed the transitions, he nailed his grabs, and the collective peanut gallery positioned at the bottom of the pipe let out a resounding roar of approval as he arrived at the finish corral. The judges dished out an 83.80, and the announcement was met with many "boos." Duncan had certainly laid down an incredible run, and the majority felt he deserved a higher score.

Later in the pack came 16-year-old Torin Yater-Wallace. A crowd favorite, the expectations for Torin to perform were high. As he's done before, like at last year's X Games for example, Torin showed that he thrives under the pressure and stomped an impressive run. He opened with a lofty double flip, linked with back-to-back 900s, an über awesome double alley-oop flatspin and a 1080 to close. Torin earned an 81.4 for his efforts.

Next up was Wednesday's top qualifier, 21-year-old David Wise of Reno, NV. Wise sent his tricks to the moon, but was unable to keep things totally clean and garnered a 75.2.

It was then time for the second runs. Tucker Perkins (USA) was the first to link a solid run—throwing a double cork 12, right and left 900s, a 1080, and a switch 720, amongst other tricks—and earned a 77.4. Duncan Adams laid down another solid run—and once again showed he was a crowd favorite—but was unable to up his score.

Jossi Wells managed to stomp a clean run, but he too was unable to bump into the medal contention. Xavier Bertoni of France, who crashed on his first run, also put a run to his feet. Bertoni threw a double flip to open, and linked it with back-to-back 900s, an alley-oop flat 3, a switch 7 and a cork 10. Bertoni earned a 79.0, jumping up from the bottom of the pack.

With pressure on for their second runs, having bobbled on their first attempts, heavy hitters Simon Dumont and Mike Riddle were once again unable to lay down clean runs.

Yater-Wallace then dropped for his second run and, surprise-surprise, improved on his first run score. Torin threw the same run as his first go-round, but upped the amplitude and cleaned things up a bit. His double alley-oop flatspin was amazing; he landed perfectly in the transition on both runs. Torin earned an 84.6 on his second run.

Then, only David Wise remained. He once again put his run to his feet, but again failed to keep things perfectly clean and logged a 75.2. And with that, the men's final results were in.


1) Wing Tai Barrymore 87.2
2) Torin Yater-Wallace 84.6
3) Duncan Adams 83.8
4) Xavier Bertoni 79.0
5) Tucker Perkins 77.4
6) David Wise 75.2
7) Dan Marion 70.0
8) Jossi Wells 69.2
9) Simon Dumont 65.6
10) Mike Riddle 60.8
11) Nils Lauper 54.0
12) Peter Crook 26.8

Source: Freeskier.com